Use Supplies Outlet Coupons To Save on Ink

Where can you get ink more cheaply? It’s probably a question we’ve all asked ourselves.

compatible cartridges from supplies outletI have a pretty decent HP inkjet printer myself, and I have no complaints on the printer itself. What I don’t like, however, is the cost of new ink cartridges. I have to pay about $25 for each new cartridge, and since they only last for about 175 pages, I run out quite frequently. I’ve never sat down and done the math, but I believe I go through at least one cartridge every couple months. That means I’m spending about $150 a year on ink costs alone.

I’ve tried everything from refilling cartridges with new ink, to buying refilled cartridges on Ebay. In the end, the solution that worked best for me was purchasing compatible cartridges from online stores like Supplies Outlet. What exactly are compatible cartridges? They are new cartridges that are not OEM, meaning that a different manufacturer made them. But for me, they have worked just as well as new OEM cartridges, and the best part is that they cost a couple dollars less. They are more reliable than remanufactured cartridges, which I have gotten mixed results with. And as I mentioned, you will still save some money over buying OEM cartridges. When I use a valid Supplies Outlet coupon code, which fortunately are available from many online sources such as, I often end up saving $3-$4 or more per cartridge. At the end of the day, I typically save $20 – $30 each year. Not a huge saving, but every little bit counts.

One other trick I used is that I buy 5 cartridges at once when purchasing online. Why would I do this? It’s because at most online stores, you get a volume discount and free shipping when you buy above a certain quantity. So grab some Supplies Outlet coupons, buy some compatible cartridges instead of OEM ones, and start saving money like I do!