Use Supplies Outlet Coupons To Save on Ink

Where can you get ink more cheaply? It’s probably a question we’ve all asked ourselves.

compatible cartridges from supplies outletI have a pretty decent HP inkjet printer myself, and I have no complaints on the printer itself. What I don’t like, however, is the cost of new ink cartridges. I have to pay about $25 for each new cartridge, and since they only last for about 175 pages, I run out quite frequently. I’ve never sat down and done the math, but I believe I go through at least one cartridge every couple months. That means I’m spending about $150 a year on ink costs alone.

I’ve tried everything from refilling cartridges with new ink, to buying refilled cartridges on Ebay. In the end, the solution that worked best for me was purchasing compatible cartridges from online stores like Supplies Outlet. What exactly are compatible cartridges? They are new cartridges that are not OEM, meaning that a different manufacturer made them. But for me, they have worked just as well as new OEM cartridges, and the best part is that they cost a couple dollars less. They are more reliable than remanufactured cartridges, which I have gotten mixed results with. And as I mentioned, you will still save some money over buying OEM cartridges. When I use a valid Supplies Outlet coupon code, which fortunately are available from many online sources such as, I often end up saving $3-$4 or more per cartridge. At the end of the day, I typically save $20 – $30 each year. Not a huge saving, but every little bit counts.

One other trick I used is that I buy 5 cartridges at once when purchasing online. Why would I do this? It’s because at most online stores, you get a volume discount and free shipping when you buy above a certain quantity. So grab some Supplies Outlet coupons, buy some compatible cartridges instead of OEM ones, and start saving money like I do!

Social Shopping Sites

Social shopping is starting to take the world by storm. Today, I just wanted to pass along a great article I read about the best social shopping sites. You can check out the article at PC Mag by going to this link –,2817,2424709,00.asp

I haven’t tried out all the sites on the list (actually, I’ve only tried, but plan to do so soon. I recommend you do the same thing. Social shopping is where it’s at!

Reviews of Major Dating Sites

As you probably know, online dating has become quite a hit online. Some of the most visited sites online are dating sites, and there are plenty of tv ads for dating sites. For many years now, I haven’t been able to watch a show without running into at least one or two commercials from, Eharmony, or Christian Mingle. Commercials like the one below are very typical:

In this article, I will provide a short review of Christian Mingle,, and Eharmony. As you may know, Christian Mingle has become quite a force in the online dating world. At first, when I heard about this site, I figured it might become a moderately sized niche dating site. I was wrong, however, as Christian Mingle is now one of the largest dating sites in the U.S. This is no surprise, given that 73% of Americans identify themselves as Christians.

At first blush, Christian Mingle is more or less like all other standard dating sites such as The only real difference in setting up a profile that I noticed was that you need to answer a few more questions related to your religion. Other than that, setting up a dating profile is just about the same process as any other dating site. This made me question whether it’s really necessary to join the site. I mean, couldn’t you just use and filter for your religious preferences.

It was only after interacting with members that I realized a subtle difference. People on Christian Mingle, as you might expect, take their faith seriously enough to join a Christian dating site. For most of them, dating someone with a different religious outlook is a nonstarter. Therefore, if you find yourself in this category, Christian Mingle is definitely a site you should explore.

Another alternative is, which I’m sure you’ve heard about. Being one of the largest dating sites in the world, you won’t have problems finding a good Christian to date, provides you use the right filters. While a bit more expensive than Christian Mingle, you should find that has a lot to offer, with generally a more vibrant community as well.

One thing I like about the site is that it is free to get started. With a free account, you can do quite a few things. You can set up a profile, upload multiple photos, and search other members.

You’ll need to get a paid membership ultimately to take full advantage of everything the site offers. However, compared to other dating sites, Christian Mingle is pretty reasonably priced.

And last but not least, there is Eharmony. Of all the sites I’ve mentioned so far, this is probably the best site if you are looking to settle down or perhaps even get married. In the beginning, Eharmony requires more work, since you need to complete a personality survey before you can do anything. After you take the test, however, you can immediately start receiving matches and communicating with them. The Eharmony free trial allows you to communicate using guided communication only. If you want to communicate with email messages, you need to get an Eharmony subscription.

Note that although there is more legwork required at the front-end, once you are a member, Eharmony does the rest of the work for you, since its their algorithm that will find matches for you and send them to you every day. You need to therefore have faith in the Eharmony algorithm, but given that it’s the same algorithm that helped over a million people get married, it’s not hard to put your trust into it.

To read more about Eharmony and other dating sites, head over to

E-cigarette benefits in a nutshell

e-cigarette money saving dealsMany people wonder whether it may be worth it to switch to e-cigarettes, but aren’t sure if they will really benefit them. After all, don’t e-cigarettes also contain nicotine? The answer is yes, but according to many people, nicotine is a lot like caffeine and not the most harmful substance in tobacco smoke. It’s actually the tar, carbon monoxide, and dozens of other chemicals that do the real harm. Therefore, by switching to ecigs, you should in theory realize many health benefits despite the fact that you’re still getting nicotine.

By searching online on forums, I’ve found that a lot of people see noticeable improvements to their health after quitting smoking and moving onto ecigs instead. These improvements include being able to breathe better, having whiter teeth, and a clearer throat.

In addition to health benefits, here are other reasons why I find e-cigarettes to be superior to regular cigarettes smoking:

  1. They are cheaper. A lot, lot, cheaper in fact. According to some online calculators, even a moderate smoker stands to save thousands of dollars per year by using e-cigarettes. Your savings can be even larger if you use online coupons and do things like create your own e-liquids and fill up your own cartridges or clearomizers. Either way, you’ll have a lot of money left over to spend on other things. Go to an e-cigarette website like  for good places to buy e-cigarettes for less.
  2. The water vapors have little or no odor. This makes it almost a nonissue to vape indoors or in front of other people. In fact, many vapers use their ecigs in public spots like restaurants or stores without an issue.
  3. They are easier to deal with. Since they are no fire risk, you can vape in bed, and also don’t have to hunt for an ash tray every time you decide to vape.

With all that said, I advise staying away from the e-cigarettes sold at convenience stores. You want to buy your device from a reputable online e-cigarette store like Volcano E-cig. I like this store because it has some of the best e-cigarette batteries I’ve used, and offers competitive prices as well, especially when you take advantage of aVolcano E-cig coupon, which you can get at

Aside from the benefits listed above, e-cigs can also serve as a very effective smoking cessation tool. In fact, many people use them solely for this purpose. I for one believe it’s much better to rely on e-cigs instead of other quit smoking tools like gum or patches. In the worst case scenario, if you find yourself unable to wean of nicotine, you’ll end up with a much cleaner habit than smoking traditional cigarettes.