Turbotax time

Yes, it’s tax season again. I just finished my return a few days ago. Sometimes it can take days to complete my tax returns, but this year, things went quite smoothly, and I was able to complete them online in just a day.

free turbotax editionBack when I had no clue about taxes, I used to take my returns to H&R Block. I’m sure they did a great job, but it wasn’t exactly cheap. I was paying $300 each year, although my taxes were relatively straightforward (no investments, basically involving just the taxes for 1 job). This high cost made me begin exploring other ways to do my taxes. I did quite a bit of research and explored many options, from doing them myself to using software programs.

I eventually learned about Turbotax, a highly popular tax preparation software, and started using that for my taxes exclusively. It takes me 3 to 4 hours to complete, but that’s definitely worth it considering the amount of money I’m saving. There is a Turbotax free edition you can use at freetrialspot.com but once you get started you might have to upgrade in order to continue filing your returns. The federal free edition also doesn’t cover state taxes. If you want to buy Turbotax for your state, that’s another $50.

All things considered, I’m pretty happy with Turbotax. You might want to try them out this tax season.

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How to get cheap printing done with a Printplace coupon code

list of printplace productsMarketing campaigns can be very expensive. For example, suppose a business wishes to promote its services using postcards. The card will first need to be designed professionally by a graphic designer. Then, thousands of those postcards will next need to be printed. If the postcards are full color, printing costs can be quite high. Finally, the business must purchase a mailing list and pay for postage.

By using an online printing service, a company can drastically reduce the cost of conducting such a campaign. Take Printplace, for example. This great online printing company offers everyday low prices, but also allows many customers to utilize online coupons to secure further discounts at Print Place. At the time of this writing, customers can claim 15% off printing services, as well as 50% of mailing services.

I recommend using a one-stop-shop like Printplace when looking for a place to print and mail out your marketing pieces. Otherwise, you will need to take delivery of your postcards, then send them off to whomever is handling the mailing. By using Printplace’s mailing services, you will be able to completely avoid this extra step. For this reason, I only order printing services from a large, reputable company that will also handle the mailing on my behalf as well. If you have a mailing list you want to use, you can usually send them a spreadsheet of the addresses.

Other good printing services you might want to look at include Overnight Prints and Vistaprint. Comparing prices between printing services can sometimes be a hassle, since you’ll need to take online coupons into account if you want to compare prices accurately. For more information on Printplace coupons as well as other discounts for online printing, head over to hotprintingdeals.com.

As you probably know, understanding good graphic design principles is essential for good print design. To learn more about graphic design, I recommend reading this article.